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The unemployment rate in the US is the highest it’s been in 25 years.1 More than thirteen million people in the United States are without jobs, and that number increases every day.2 So how can we stimulate our struggling economy?

President Obama believes green jobs could be the solution. In his recently signed stimulus bill, the president assigned $500 million dollars to green job training and $20 billion to creating a greener economy.3

So what are green jobs, and how can they help us? According to Vice President Biden:

"[Green jobs] provide products and services that use renewable energy resources, reduce pollution, and conserve energy and natural resources.... According to the Council of Economic Advisers, green jobs pay 10 to 20 percent more than other jobs. "4


Smart grid technologies will directly aid the improvement of energy efficiency, oil independence, and renewable energy within the U.S., effectively making any job related to the deployment of smart grid a “green” job.

Government investments of $16 billion or more in smart grid incentives could result in the creation of up to 280,000 new jobs, with 150,000 being created in the first year alone, according to a KEMA report compiled for the GridWise Alliance.5 This number doesn’t include the industries outside of the utility sector that would flourish because of smart grid, including:

Smart grid technologies would have a ripple effect, stimulating broad job creation and economic growth.

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