A Short Walk Through the Smart Grid  
August 10 '11 | By Robert Lamb


Imagine a complicated home entertainment system that combines high-tech components with outdated ones. The TV and Blu-ray player are the best on the market, but they're hooked up to obsolete connecting cables, busted speakers and an antenna from the 1970s.

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Turning Energy Savings into Green

'10 |By Luke Clemente, GM Metering & Sensing Systems

There are usually two times of year I think most about energy efficiency in my home – in the heat of summer and chill of winter. To balance out increased use of the air conditioner this summer, I changed out incandescent light-bulbs for compact fluorescents.

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Innovating Cleaner Communities with Microgrid Technology

'10 |Larry Sollecito, Vice President, Smart Grid for GE’s Digital Energy

Microgrid technology can help ensure remote communities, tucked away in mountains or the military bases that, for security reasons, need to operate independently of the surrounding electric grid are provided with reliable, efficient energy.

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Smart Grid Will Nudge Us Towards Savings

'10 |John Balz, Blog Editor for Nudge

Every day, millions of American consumers make decisions about the use energy that could be much better. Empower yourself with the knowledge of how.

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The Smart Grid & Consumers: Knowledge is Power

'10 |Luke Clemente, GM Metering & Sensing Systems

The smart grid can help consumers to use energy when it is cheapest and pay for the energy they use.

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